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Keeping your data safe

The security of your information is important to us. Therefore, we ensure that your data, including your personal information that is entrusted to us is safe and secure, and we take necessary steps to protect your personal information.

We continuously strengthen our cyber security controls to safeguard your information against active security threats, while providing you with products and services.

Portal access

The NEOS Adviser Portal is accessible by an authorised adviser registered with a unique access code. This site contains confidential and personal client information. Unauthorised access and unique access code sharing is not permitted. Please contact the NEOS Adviser Services Team on 1300 881 756 if you require assistance or a new unique access code.

Online security

Here are some of the simple things you can do to help keep your computer and personal information secure:

  • Use strong passwords, don’t share them and update them regularly.
  • Take care when logged in, especially in public places and when using public Wi-Fi networks.
  • Make sure you log out of websites when you’re finished.
  • Install reputable security software that includes antivirus and antitheft/loss protection and keep this up to date.
  • Keep your application software and operating system up to date.
  • Only install applications from official stores.
  • Think before you click and don’t open links or attachments unless you’re expecting them and you trust the source.
You can find more information about staying safe online at the Australian Government’s Stay Smart Online website.